New Safety Features

Displace, an in-home entertainment startup already known for numerous innovations in the TV sector, today announced new ingenious safety features for their wireless TV.

Displace TVs are easily secured to any surface with no mounting required using their proprietary active-loop vacuum technology. The addition of advanced wall-sensing algorithms, four quick adhesives for stability and the self-lowering landing gear system makes Displace the safest wall-mounted TV on the market.

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How the Displace Safety Features Work?

Displace has not only created technologies to attach TVs to any surface easily but also created multiple innovative safety technologies that make these the safest mountable TV screens on the market. They took three things into account:

● Keeping the wireless TV on the wall for the longest possible time even when the batteries aren't swapped. Using the newly added internal battery system–combined with the redesigned Vacuum Suction System – and by applying updated active-loop algorithms, the TV will stay on the wall for three-months or more even when the external batteries aren't swapped.

● Avoiding any damage to the wall (without drilling or nailing), using their proprietary active-loop vacuum technology.

● Preventing any damage to the TV even when unforeseen things happen, such as paint peeling, wall cracks, etc. or when the suction system can't keep the TV on the wall beyond the maximum time (3 months or more). This is solved with their proprietary "Self-Lowering Landing Gear System."

Sensors within Displace TVs constantly measure the battery level and pressure in the vacuum, analyze the wall's surface and check leakage on the vacuum pumps. If the vacuum pumps are in danger of not maintaining a seal, or there is an issue with the stability of the wall, the TV automatically deploys four quick adhesives for stability. It then initiates a self-lowering landing gear system.

The adhesives work as anchor points and the TV begins to lower itself on a zipline (from as high as ten feet), deploying reusable foam on all four corners of the TV. The TV will also activate a built-in alarm while lowering itself, keeping pets safe and away from the area. This is absolutely an edge case, but provides ultimate peace of mind for users when they attach a TV to the wall without traditional screws and nails.

The sensors also constantly monitor battery life, even when the TV is turned off, and automatically shuts down different internal systems depending on the usage, saving battery power.

An unused or barely used Displace TV can last anywhere from three to ten months depending upon the battery power (minimum of three months but can last longer). "We've performed hundreds of hours of tests to ensure our wall-mounting technology is the safest on the market,” said Displace founder and CEO Balaji Krishnan. “Our vision is for people to have multiple Displace TVs on the walls in their homes so the TVs deliver value beyond entertainment. To achieve that, our TVs must be not only the easiest to secure on the wall but also the safest and worry-free. We’re very proud that Displace’s new safety features provide additional layers of protection without being invasive. While almost no one will ever need them except for any unforeseen circumstances, Displace TVs offer owners peace of mind.”